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How To Port 



1. Find PHA  
If you are looking to port, you must find a receiving PHA (Sec 8 Office) in your chosen area  willing to  accept  you into their  section 8 housing  program. The best way to do this is to go to the Port page on this site. 

2. Get Approved for Porting 
You get approved 2 ways: 
"Absorption": If funds are available, the receiving PHA picks up the tab for your sec 8 payments by absorbing cost into their budget. 
"Billing Arrangement": If funds are limited or not available, the receiving PHA can structure a billing arrangement wherein your initial PHA agrees to cover the cost of some or all of your Sec8 payments.  
Bear  in  mind,  if  you're  porting  into  an  area  with  higher  rents,  your  initial PHA may deny your move if they don't have enough money in their budget to cover the increased cost of your HAP contract. 


3. When You Find New Rental 
Once you find a suitable rental you must contact your caseworker at your new PHA and inform them of your "choice". You must also contact your old PHA  so  they  can  iron  out  the  financial  details  of  your  move  ("billing arrangement" or "absorption") and send your Family Report (HUD-52665) to new PHA.  
Welcome to your New Home!