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The registered pre-screened section 8 tenants we work with pay our broker fee using their own funds, a government program (1 Shot Deal) or a local charity.


Government Housing Specialists


Our RKR Agents are highly trained experts in the government housing industry. They know the ins and outs of the section 8 system and have the experience and knowledge base required to successfully land you a government sponsored section 8 tenant or manage your government subsidized investment.



Qualified Section 8 Tenants Waiting!


Our RKR agents have access to a large pool of registered pre-screened section 8 tenants with vouchers in hand waiting to fill your empty rental. These tenants are financially and morally checked out. We conduct "in-house" credit reports, eviction court checks and criminal checks, confirm income, proof of valid ID, landlord references & verify cleanliness. This thorough screening process helps us pick the winners and avoid the losers.


Additionally, RKR runs a free national porting service to attract relocating tenants from all 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands and the Mariana Islands.


This increased exposure helps landlords quickly find an abundance of quality tenants for their government subsidized rentals.


Large Pool of Qualified Government Sponsored Buyers


When it is time to "cash-out" of your investment our RKR agents have access to tenants that qualify for a government run mortgage assistance program that helps them buy your rental for top dollar. This program subsidizes all home ownership expenses and makes monthly mortgage payments to a lender rather than rental payments to a landlord.


If you're a landlord looking for quality government paying section 8 tenants please contact us so we can view your rental and see if it is a right fit for our well screened tenants.


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